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Mother's Day, Margaritas, & Mall Madness

For Mother's Day, my father, my sister, and I took Mom out to this new Mexican restaurant that opened in our town. This is a big deal because the town I live in has never had its own Mexican restaurant before.

Mom was just happy she didn't have to cook tonight.

The restaurant has $2 margaritas. Mom & Dad got the 12 oz. house margarita, my sister & I got the 20 oz. mango margarita. The mango margarita was delicious. However, Mom got completely sloshed from her one drink. Before we had been served our food. So, dinner turned out to be a disaster because it turns out that Mom cannot feed herself when she's drunk and she's also extremely racist.

Very embarrassing.

Especially since all the other customers at the restaurant were our neighbors, or long-time family friends, or people who Mom used to work for, or former teachers of mine.

Suffice to say, I was very happy to leave.

Mom then promptly fell asleep on the couch as soon as we got home. We still have not given her her Mother's Day gifts.

She probably won't wake up until tomorrow afternoon...

In the meantime my sister and I are going to play Mall Madness before the alcohol wears off. We have a theory that it would be 90% more fun to play whilst buzzed/drunk.

Also, I only have one more final left! Graduation is on Saturday! I can't wait to be out of school!