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My life is feeling super dull right now.

Everything I do is just... Blah.

I even went to Europe for two weeks in the middle of July and I hardly have any stories to tell.

How completely lame is that?

It's not that my trip was boring. No, it was fantastic actually and I didn't want to leave and I hate that I'm back in Kentucky. Just nothing freakishly interesting happened, with the exception of getting tipsy with a former teacher, his husband, my sister and our tour guide.

After Europe, the only interesting thing that happened to me this summer was the 5th series of Doctor Who.

Anyway, summer is reaching the end. I only have three more weeks of my last summer vacation ever. I'm going to graduate college in May and I'm so not ready.

I'm going to have to start paying my student loans soon. What the hell?

These last few weeks are going to be filled with books I want to read before the semester starts and planning for English and Philosophy Club. Not exactly thrilling, but it's something.

In other news, I'm watching Sherlock right now and it's fantastic and I'll probably watch it another 5 times this week.


Fact 1: I'm basically terrible at this blogging thing.

Fact 2: I deleted this the first time I posted. Fail.

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