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2011-07-25 11:06 pm
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And then I got a tumblr

And have been posting nonsense for about two days straight...

It's the greatest thing ever!!

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2011-07-22 09:40 pm

The Perfect Argument for Plagiarism

So, after my sister and I saw Harry Potter when ended up having a conversation about how someone can plagiarize something and get away with it. (Note that I do not condone plagiarism, but you gotta do what you gotta do.)

It ended, as most of our conversations do, as complete nonsense.

Sis: Sometimes people just have the same ideas at the same time.
Me: Yeah, it's like in Y: The Last Man, where they talk about this theory with the analogy of, like, monkeys on different islands with no contact with one another start to use tools at the same time.*
Sis: ...
Me: I should use this argument if I'm ever accused of plagiarism.
Sis: What? "We're all just monkeys on different islands learning to use tools at the same time."
Me: Yes! And then I go into the fact that everyone is just plagiarizing Shakespeare, and he in turn plagiarized off that one Italian dude that no one remembers because Shakespeare stole all of his thunder. So really, if I'm going to plagiarize anyone, it's that Italian guy! So, ha!
Sis: Sounds like an air-tight argument.

From there, we discussed who came up with the idea of the bottomless purse first, J.K. Rowling or Brian O'Malley.

Sis: When was the first Scott Pilgrim published?
Me: 2006 [Because I know these kind of things right off the top of my head, but cannot multiple or divide to save my life.]
Sis: So, Brian O'Malley had that idea first, which mean J.K. stole it from him.
Me: And they both stole it from Mary Poppins.
Sis: Adelbert Von Chamisso had a character who sold his shadow in exchange for a bottomless purse. He died in 1838.
Me: How did you know that? Did you just start a conversation about a topic you have actively researched?
Sis: Maybe.

I think we're highly amusing.

*They actually do talk about this in the graphic novel. I have no idea what the theory is and I'm much too lazy to actually look it up.

(Also, the creepy man-eating pig/evil parapalegic episode of Criminal Minds is on. I hate this episode. Why is there never anything on TV at 9pm on a Friday. Probably because most people have social lives...)
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2011-07-22 09:09 pm
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Reason #52 of Why I Shouldn't Drive

Pretty sure I almost killed some golfers in a golf cart as I was exiting the museum's parking lot this evening.

To be fair, I had the right-of-way.

And I didn't actually hit them. I just gave them a bit of a scare.

And another thing! Who plays golf when there's a 107 degree heat index?

They were basically asking to die, one way or another.

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2011-07-22 08:41 am
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I Need A New Job

I literally had a nightmare last night about the museum.

Nothing scary really happened, but I just kept getting more and more work to do and never getting any of it done and then everyone got mad at me.

The sad thing is that it was only a little bit exaggerated from reality.

I definitely need to finish my resume and send out those job applications asap.
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2011-07-18 03:33 pm
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Texas Has Invaded

My dad's side of the family decided to come up and visit this week. It's my aunt, uncle, & their two granddaughters. They've been staying in our house, which is tiny for four people. Let me tell you, eight most definitely is enough.

It's been terrible. My sister & I have been sharing my room, so we've been fighting. My dad has been drinking, so he's been an asshole.

And my poor cat! She hates having strangers in the house & the girls will not leave her alone. She's so stressed out she's started to literally pull her hair out. She has a bald spot on her back.

I can't wait for them to leave.

Does that sound bad? I mean, they're my family, I love them, but I don't even want to be around anyone 24/7 for an entire week. I hate people too much.

And they're Texans for christ's sake. Four Texans is, like, the equivalent of eight regular people. Not in size, but in the amount of effort it takes me to put up with them.

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2011-07-15 09:57 pm
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Praticing Self-Restraint

That subject title sounds kinkier than I meant it to be, but it's very appropriate for my subject.

A happy accident.


I am friends with one of my high school teachers on the facebook.

He is currently having European adventures right now and he updates his facebook like crazy at times like these.

What makes it funny is that he doesn't really check if what he writes makes sense...

He current posted something about meeting someone he & his hubby met in one gay bar in one country in a gay bar in another country. However, how he worded it makes it sound like he's talking about intercourse.

So, basically... Hilarious.

It is taking every fiber of my being to not make inappropriate comments right now...

Seriously, I could make soooo many jokes about how he cannot speak any English.

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2011-06-20 10:37 am
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House Sitting

I'm house sitting for my friend's family this week.

Their house is huge, they have central air conditioning, a big screen TV, DirectTV, a closet full of DVDs, and a pool. I am never going to want to leave.

Plus I get to be away from my parents, which is always a good thing.

The only thing I'm worried about are their animals.

They are a handful. Two indoor cats, an elderly outdoor cat, and a hyperactive outdoor dog.

Their internet connection is way better than mine at home.

So... Worth it.
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2011-05-22 10:45 am

Well, That Was Disappointing

So, the Rapture didn't happen yesterday. How disappointing. This is the third "apocalypse" I've lived through.

There was the 1994 rapture, Y2K, and now May 21.

I feel either untouchable or that God hates me... And I'm okay with that.

In other news, I am no longer a college student! I am now a slacker! (Changed my profile.)

Also, I created a delicious account. I have bookmarked all of my favorite fanfictions and recipes. Because I like to cook and read fanfic at the same time.

I'm kind of sad that I never bookmarked 98% of the Torchwood fanfiction I've read. I used to read a ton of it back in the day. Along with Firefly and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I have an amusing anecdote about why I created my delicious account.

Before, I just had a folder in my Firefox bookmarks titled "fanfiction" and I would save my favorite stories in there. Well, in March I went to Pittsburgh with some classmates and was the only one who brought a laptop. And so, everyone asked to use mine, which I was fine with. Until some nosy douche looked through my bookmarks...

It was embarrassing. I try to keep my fandom life separate of my real life.

ETA: This is a text I sent to a friend yesterday: "PS. The longer it takes for you to text me back the longer I believe that you've been raptured, which means the sooner I will steal all your stuff."

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2011-05-10 02:17 pm
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Last Final!

I'm currently writing my Shakespeare final.

In true feminist fashion, I am basically writing about how--no matter what--women are always portrayed in a negative fashion in any Shakespeare play.

They either are enemies fighting over men, or over social status, or to enact revenge; or their using their alliance to destroy men.

I will never be happy and that's the way I like it.


Hopefully my professor will find this as amusing as I do.
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2011-05-08 08:25 pm
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Mother's Day, Margaritas, & Mall Madness

For Mother's Day, my father, my sister, and I took Mom out to this new Mexican restaurant that opened in our town. This is a big deal because the town I live in has never had its own Mexican restaurant before.

Mom was just happy she didn't have to cook tonight.

The restaurant has $2 margaritas. Mom & Dad got the 12 oz. house margarita, my sister & I got the 20 oz. mango margarita. The mango margarita was delicious. However, Mom got completely sloshed from her one drink. Before we had been served our food. So, dinner turned out to be a disaster because it turns out that Mom cannot feed herself when she's drunk and she's also extremely racist.

Very embarrassing.

Especially since all the other customers at the restaurant were our neighbors, or long-time family friends, or people who Mom used to work for, or former teachers of mine.

Suffice to say, I was very happy to leave.

Mom then promptly fell asleep on the couch as soon as we got home. We still have not given her her Mother's Day gifts.

She probably won't wake up until tomorrow afternoon...

In the meantime my sister and I are going to play Mall Madness before the alcohol wears off. We have a theory that it would be 90% more fun to play whilst buzzed/drunk.

Also, I only have one more final left! Graduation is on Saturday! I can't wait to be out of school!

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2011-05-05 01:06 pm

Two Things

1. Another Stargate SG-1 random marathon! Hells yes! And they're playing the very first episode! HOORAY!! I haven't seen this episode in forever. I love Dr. Daniel Jackson's floppy hair!

2. I totally just wrote "After he says this, Stingo feels like an asshole." Then moved on, wrote the rest of the paragraph, reread said paragraph and was like "Probably shouldn't phrase it like that in a paper." Stingo totally feels like an asshole at that point of Sophie's Choice that I'm talking about though.

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2011-05-04 01:01 pm
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TV > Finals

Hello totally random Stargate SG-1 marathon! I will watch you!

Goodbye finals! I will ignore you until tomorrow, when I freak out over having very little time to write my final paper for Southern Renaissance.

Seriously though, SyFy (I miss the days when it was Skiffy) is just playing random episodes of Stargate SG-1. I feel like there is no rhyme or reason for which episodes their playing. I remember the days when I couldn't watch a Stargate SG-1 marathon without seeing that one Hathor episode at least once.

Oh, Stargate. How I've missed you. Too bad I could never get into the spin-off series.

I'm pretty sure the only thing that kept me watching was Dr. Daniel Jackson. He's awesome.

I just really do not want to write 4-6 pages about Faulkner, O'Connor, Welty, and/or Styron. Especially since I spent all of yesterday bullshitting my way through a final almost completely based on Dracula and King Solomon's Mines, which I did not read at all for Victorian Lit.

Why aren't you over yet, semester!

ETA: Eww... A Season 6 episode just came on. I guess this is the universe's way of telling me to get to work. :-(

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2011-05-03 02:40 pm
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Try Again Later!

I spent all of last night playing Mall Madness with my sister.

I did not work on my final.

My final is do in a little more than two hours and I only have half of it done.

I am fucked!
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2011-04-26 07:42 pm
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(no subject)

Last week I had to turn in a ten-page paper for one of my classes. Then on the same day I had a five-page paper due for a night class.

Since it was the second-to-last week left of classes, I left both papers until the very last minute.

I literally wrote the ten-page paper in less than six hours. I thought it was complete crap and didn't expect anything above a B on it.

I got an A-!

It's time's like these that I really believe I could be, like, valedictorian or something. You know, if I actually tried and stuff.

But since I know that I can get A's and B's with doing the absolute minimum work, I do the absolute minimum.

I've only gotten four C's. They were in my non-major, general ed. requirement classes, which I did even less work than I did in my major classes.

I'm extremely proud, if you haven't noticed.

Mainly because when I was a senior in high school one of my teachers told me that the kids who slacked off and still got good grades had the hardest time in college.

Proved her wrong!

I feel awesome right now...

Watch, I probably completely bombed my other paper. I wrote it in two hours...

Oh, well. Three more days of classes, two finals, and one paper left of this semester and of my institutionalized education! Can't wait!
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2011-04-17 09:27 am
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For five years, I have had a random love for Chicago.

For five years, I have been talking about wanting to live in Chicago.

And I never really had a reason why. It's not like I've ever actually been there.

Recently, I have been rewatching some of my favorite childhood movies, particularly Ferris Bueller's Day Off and While You Were Sleeping.

I've watched these movies so much that I can basically recite every line of dialogue.

Guess what they have in common. They're both set in Chicago.

The movie industry has conditioned me to love Chicago.

This revelation is just another result of my becoming more self-aware. And it's freaking me out!!
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2011-04-03 10:28 pm
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Paper Writing At Its Finest

I am currently writing a little mini-paper for my American Novel class about The Poisonwood Bible.

Sentence I wrote: "Both Nathan and his hammer are completely useless in the Congo."

A simple little sentence that was meant to segway into a discussion of feminism in the novel.

But that is not where my brain wanted to take that.

My stream of consciousness: Nathan Fillion played Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. The hammer was his penis. Oh my god! Nathan price is an emasculated male!!

And then a wrote a paper of a two page paper about that.

Fun Fact: This is the fourth paper since September 2010 that I have written about the emasculated male. One for African-American Lit. and one for Zombie Lit. last semester, and then one for Victorian Lit. back in February.

What can I say, there's nothing I love writing more about than the emasculated male. :-D

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2010-07-28 03:18 pm
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Summer is Ending

My life is feeling super dull right now.

Everything I do is just... Blah.

I even went to Europe for two weeks in the middle of July and I hardly have any stories to tell.

How completely lame is that?

It's not that my trip was boring. No, it was fantastic actually and I didn't want to leave and I hate that I'm back in Kentucky. Just nothing freakishly interesting happened, with the exception of getting tipsy with a former teacher, his husband, my sister and our tour guide.

After Europe, the only interesting thing that happened to me this summer was the 5th series of Doctor Who.

Anyway, summer is reaching the end. I only have three more weeks of my last summer vacation ever. I'm going to graduate college in May and I'm so not ready.

I'm going to have to start paying my student loans soon. What the hell?

These last few weeks are going to be filled with books I want to read before the semester starts and planning for English and Philosophy Club. Not exactly thrilling, but it's something.

In other news, I'm watching Sherlock right now and it's fantastic and I'll probably watch it another 5 times this week.


Fact 1: I'm basically terrible at this blogging thing.

Fact 2: I deleted this the first time I posted. Fail.

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2010-05-28 01:36 pm
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For some reason a bunch of people I haven't talked to since high school graduation decided to message me on facebook.

Here's the thing, I'm extremely awkward in real life and I feel even more awkward on the internet.

Especially because I'm obsessive about spell and grammar, especially with something written on my wall. This is mostly because I'm an English major and have other English majors and professors  as friends on facebook and I don't want them to call me out about it.

In my mind, that kind of thing would happen.

So, it takes me like... a half hour to respond to anyone.

And then there's the fact that I have nothing to talk about to these people. I haven't talked to any of them in 3+ years. We've all moved on.

It's just... awkward and strange.

Social interaction makes me uncomfortable.

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2010-05-21 09:04 pm
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Boring and Uninteresting

My life is uninteresting.

Since finals ended I have seen Kick-Ass three times (I actually liked it better than the graphic novel. Go figure.), read a few books, and have done all my laundry but have not put it away.

Basically, I've done nothing of any importance.

It's been two weeks of doing nothing and it's been fantastic.

I also wrote a letter to a former friend of mine from high school. We haven't talked in over two years because I got mad at her and such.

It was one of those stupid things.

I haven't actually sent it to her though. I'm nervous about it. It'll open doors that I don't actually want them to be opened...

Anyway, my life is boring. I need to do interesting things.
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2010-05-04 05:46 pm
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And so it begins...

I had a paper due today and the professor said I could just e-mail it to him anytime before 5:15.

I e-mailed it to him at 4:37 and he still has not opened it.

And so... I'm freaking out a little bit.


Just add this in with my freak out over my Environmental Science Lab final. I missed nine points and on the top of the front page was "61" in a circle. I hyperventilated thinking that it was a 61% until someone pointed out to me that it was out of 70 points.

Oh, the joys of finals week.