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In my American Novel class we're reading Beloved by Toni Morrison.

I'm not a fan of Morrison. It depresses me because she's such an important African-American writer and I love African-American Lit.

I hate Morrison though. I read Sula last semester and hated it with all my being.

I'm not very far in Beloved at the moment, but I have to ask one question: What ever happened to a good, old-fashioned circle jerk?

I mean, honestly!

These dudes are so sexually frustrated that they're fucking cows? That can't be satisfying in any way!

Why, Toni Morrison, why?

I think I might just put this one down (again) and SparkNote it.

That'll free up more time to read Breakfast at Tiffany's for Southern Renaissance.

Some News

Mar. 3rd, 2011 10:50 am
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Well, this is the second sick day I've taken this week, but since it's my last semester of college I couldn't care a whole lot.

I do feel horrible though.

Anyway, I thought I'd do something productive and post a few news articles I've found.

My home state of Kentucky is doing some bullshit with this anti-bullying bill. Apparently bullying gay kids is totally okay if you're doing in the name of the Lord. Article is here. Some more freedom-of-speech/anti-gay stuff: The Westboro Baptist Church has free rein over funerals ( I know its from Fox News, but don't hold that against me) & kids have the right to wear anti-gay t-shirts in school. (Note: My high school did not allow people to wear the Confederate flag because it could offend the 7 black kids that were enrolled in the school.)

Listen, I'm all for the freedom of speech. But you have to use it wisely. You don't yell fire in a crowded theater, after all. Everyone knows you yell rape.

In other religion stuff, the Bible is being updated!

No longer will that terrible word "holocaust" be used! Instead "burnt offerings" will be used. Because if they can't have the modern Christian reader confuse a sacrifice to God with the death of millions of Jews.

Also, they're finally getting rid of that sexy word "booty," and Mary is no longer a virgin but a "young woman." Good. It was starting to get pornographic.

But that's not all! Gansta's Paradise will no longer have biblical references! Thank God!

I can't wait to download this on my e-book!

(Just kidding. I don't really have an e-book.)

I honestly don't know what to do with this world anymore.
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These are the "stories" I told about my various European Adventures.

London: "We went to the London Eye and we saw Big Ben, then we saw Wicked." (Possibly my most interesting story.)

Travel from London to Paris: "We took the ferry and Sis and I fell asleep in the cafe."

Paris: "We went to La Musee d'Orsay and then the top of the Eiffel Tour."

Travel from Paris to Berlin: "I slept 12 hours on the night train."  & "There were cows on the tracks."

Berlin: "There are so many street trees! Love!" & "Beer!"

Prague: "I saw a club called Hot Peppers: Gates to Hell!"

Budapest: "I bought the coolest fighter pilot goggles ever at the coolest antique shop ever."

Bratislava: "We ate lunch there on the way to Vienna."

Vienna: "It got really cold there on our last day." & "We went to this concert/ballet/opera thing. It was cool."

This is how all of my fiction reads, which is why I don't let it see the light of day.

Fact: When I showed some of my friends the pictures from my trip (they asked to see them), they would ask "What's that?" referring to some building or something. My response: "I don't actually remember."
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My life is feeling super dull right now.

Everything I do is just... Blah.

I even went to Europe for two weeks in the middle of July and I hardly have any stories to tell.

How completely lame is that?

It's not that my trip was boring. No, it was fantastic actually and I didn't want to leave and I hate that I'm back in Kentucky. Just nothing freakishly interesting happened, with the exception of getting tipsy with a former teacher, his husband, my sister and our tour guide.

After Europe, the only interesting thing that happened to me this summer was the 5th series of Doctor Who.

Anyway, summer is reaching the end. I only have three more weeks of my last summer vacation ever. I'm going to graduate college in May and I'm so not ready.

I'm going to have to start paying my student loans soon. What the hell?

These last few weeks are going to be filled with books I want to read before the semester starts and planning for English and Philosophy Club. Not exactly thrilling, but it's something.

In other news, I'm watching Sherlock right now and it's fantastic and I'll probably watch it another 5 times this week.


Fact 1: I'm basically terrible at this blogging thing.

Fact 2: I deleted this the first time I posted. Fail.

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For some reason a bunch of people I haven't talked to since high school graduation decided to message me on facebook.

Here's the thing, I'm extremely awkward in real life and I feel even more awkward on the internet.

Especially because I'm obsessive about spell and grammar, especially with something written on my wall. This is mostly because I'm an English major and have other English majors and professors  as friends on facebook and I don't want them to call me out about it.

In my mind, that kind of thing would happen.

So, it takes me like... a half hour to respond to anyone.

And then there's the fact that I have nothing to talk about to these people. I haven't talked to any of them in 3+ years. We've all moved on.

It's just... awkward and strange.

Social interaction makes me uncomfortable.

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What the fuck?

Texas Schools Board Rewrites US History with Lessons Promoting God and Guns

Oh yeah. Let's completely re-write history to make the USA look better.

Let's completely fuck up the small, malleable minds of small children.

While we're censoring our history books and racially profiling people, let's just let white supremacists start teaching.

I want to vomit.

It's times like these that I truly hate my country.

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My life is uninteresting.

Since finals ended I have seen Kick-Ass three times (I actually liked it better than the graphic novel. Go figure.), read a few books, and have done all my laundry but have not put it away.

Basically, I've done nothing of any importance.

It's been two weeks of doing nothing and it's been fantastic.

I also wrote a letter to a former friend of mine from high school. We haven't talked in over two years because I got mad at her and such.

It was one of those stupid things.

I haven't actually sent it to her though. I'm nervous about it. It'll open doors that I don't actually want them to be opened...

Anyway, my life is boring. I need to do interesting things.
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I had a paper due today and the professor said I could just e-mail it to him anytime before 5:15.

I e-mailed it to him at 4:37 and he still has not opened it.

And so... I'm freaking out a little bit.


Just add this in with my freak out over my Environmental Science Lab final. I missed nine points and on the top of the front page was "61" in a circle. I hyperventilated thinking that it was a 61% until someone pointed out to me that it was out of 70 points.

Oh, the joys of finals week.


May. 3rd, 2010 05:02 pm
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I have decided to jump on the dreamwidth bandwagon. Which is weird because I only just started using livejournal.

What can I say? I'm a follower.

Also, I promise to get interesting after finals are over.


May. 2nd, 2010 07:00 pm
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I have an eight page research paper on Moll Flanders due on Tuesday.

I have never wanted to not write a paper so bad.

I want to write it less than I wanted to write the twenty page movie evaluation paper for my Film and Novel class last semester.

Can't it just be summer already?
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I filled out my course evaluations today. For most of them I just answered the necessary questions and left it at that.

But I did give one professor a kind of bad evaluation. I feel bad about it. I really like the professor.

However, the class has been a complete disaster. There was one unruly student who made the most stupid comments and was just generally disruptive and hindered everyone's learning ability. This particular person has made the semester a living hell. I mentioned in pretty much every answer that the prof should have been able to control the class. I also said that I didn't learn much in the class, etc.

I mean, I doubt that one evaluation is going to do much difference, but still.

It's the first time I've been seriously critical about a class or professor. Usually, I either really like it or am very apathetic about it.

Still, that one student (who I call Death) is the single most annoying person I have ever met. I hope to never have another class with her again.


Apr. 26th, 2010 06:13 pm
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I'm currently reading Amsterdam for my Novel class. I am truly loathing this book.

Which is sad because there's so much potential in it. You know, once you get rid of the egotistical characters, the sexism, the faux-existentialism, the trans-phobia...

It's just the little things.

I have about 60 more pages of this book and then a response paper, which will just be longer version of what I just wrote.

I'm sure that my professor will just say that that's the point of the novel. To point out how men are egotistical, sexist, etc. And that really just makes everything worse.

I'm sure there will be a vigorous discussion in class tomorrow. I'll be trying to express my opinion of the novel while my professor interrupts me and such. Ugh.

The woes of being an English Literature major.
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I only have one more week of classes, two weeks of school left in total. These two weeks are going to be filled with tests, papers and speeches.  So what is it that I'm doing?

Why, establishing this livejournal account that I created a few weeks ago of course!

I've actually been a little be nervous to start this thing. I had a blog in high school (Oh, Xanga...), and it was filled with teen angst and read by no one. It's pretty pathetic, really. I recently went back to reread some entries and wanted to smack my teenage self.

I'm hoping to learn from my blogging mistakes, though the "read by none" aspect will probably be prominent.

Oh well.

I have about two hours before I have to leave for work.

These extra hours will either be used to work on my speech about banned books or to read fanfiction.

I'm leaning towards the latter.


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