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So, after my sister and I saw Harry Potter when ended up having a conversation about how someone can plagiarize something and get away with it. (Note that I do not condone plagiarism, but you gotta do what you gotta do.)

It ended, as most of our conversations do, as complete nonsense.

Sis: Sometimes people just have the same ideas at the same time.
Me: Yeah, it's like in Y: The Last Man, where they talk about this theory with the analogy of, like, monkeys on different islands with no contact with one another start to use tools at the same time.*
Sis: ...
Me: I should use this argument if I'm ever accused of plagiarism.
Sis: What? "We're all just monkeys on different islands learning to use tools at the same time."
Me: Yes! And then I go into the fact that everyone is just plagiarizing Shakespeare, and he in turn plagiarized off that one Italian dude that no one remembers because Shakespeare stole all of his thunder. So really, if I'm going to plagiarize anyone, it's that Italian guy! So, ha!
Sis: Sounds like an air-tight argument.

From there, we discussed who came up with the idea of the bottomless purse first, J.K. Rowling or Brian O'Malley.

Sis: When was the first Scott Pilgrim published?
Me: 2006 [Because I know these kind of things right off the top of my head, but cannot multiple or divide to save my life.]
Sis: So, Brian O'Malley had that idea first, which mean J.K. stole it from him.
Me: And they both stole it from Mary Poppins.
Sis: Adelbert Von Chamisso had a character who sold his shadow in exchange for a bottomless purse. He died in 1838.
Me: How did you know that? Did you just start a conversation about a topic you have actively researched?
Sis: Maybe.

I think we're highly amusing.

*They actually do talk about this in the graphic novel. I have no idea what the theory is and I'm much too lazy to actually look it up.

(Also, the creepy man-eating pig/evil parapalegic episode of Criminal Minds is on. I hate this episode. Why is there never anything on TV at 9pm on a Friday. Probably because most people have social lives...)
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