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I have basically just inhaled Libba Bray's new novel, Beauty Queens.

Oh, my God! So good! Loved it like nobody's business. It is the most feminist teen book to ever exist basically.

I have a few issues with the end, in that I hate it when books end with "And then they grew up and got married and had babies!" It's a trend I just do not like. I like it when books let me make up the rest of their lives, you know? I mean, the ending was way better than the Harry Potter and the Hunger Games epilogues, but still. 

Also, I would like for her to include an actual lesbian relationship. She always has a lesbian character and a bisexual character and then the bisexual girl leaves the lesbian for a dude.

Okay, so that's not exactly what happened in the Gemma Doyle series or in Beauty Queens, but its basically what happens. Essentially.

Don't get me wrong, I love what Libba Bray is doing for the LGBT community. She is writing popular YA books with LGBT characters, exposing future generations to the fact that we're around and we're just like everyone else. That's a great message to give to kids. (Especially LGBT kids. I know that the books I read when I was a teenagers did not really have any gay characters. It wasn't in the popular YA fiction and I wasn't about to go look for it because I didn't really understand and didn't want to acknowledge what was going on with me at that specific time of my life. Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist was the first book I read that had gay characters in it and I read that when I was a senior, when I was in full denial mode.)

As I learned this week, not everyone is going to be happy in how someone shows support to gays. There was a big brouhaha about Glee's Diana Agron wearing a "Likes Girls" t-shirt at the Glee Live! concert. I thought Agron's gesture and subsequent essay on tumblr were really nice. A lot of other people, however, did not.

Anyway, my point about this tangent is that I appreciate the support that is being given (and I love people for it), but some times the message gets tangled in how others interpret it. That doesn't make the message a bad one and it certainly doesn't make the messenger a terrible person. It's just all about differences of opinion and point-of-view and experience. So, this is not me dissing Libba Bray (I would never. I think she's brilliant!), but its just my opinion.

Also, there is a continuity error on page 229 of the hardback. Tiara tells the pirates that Jennifer is the one who cut her hair, when it was really Petra.

It's just a little, baby error, but it's an error none-the-less.

It actually gives an interesting insight into Libba Bray's writing process. I'm assuming that originally Tiara had the problem with Jennifer being a lesbian and that Petra was added in a later draft.

All in all, I loved the book. Will recommend it to everyone I will ever see ever.

ETA: Poorly organized post is poor. Too lazy to fix it. Let's just call it stream-of-consciousness and think it's brilliant, shall we?

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