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Last week I had to turn in a ten-page paper for one of my classes. Then on the same day I had a five-page paper due for a night class.

Since it was the second-to-last week left of classes, I left both papers until the very last minute.

I literally wrote the ten-page paper in less than six hours. I thought it was complete crap and didn't expect anything above a B on it.

I got an A-!

It's time's like these that I really believe I could be, like, valedictorian or something. You know, if I actually tried and stuff.

But since I know that I can get A's and B's with doing the absolute minimum work, I do the absolute minimum.

I've only gotten four C's. They were in my non-major, general ed. requirement classes, which I did even less work than I did in my major classes.

I'm extremely proud, if you haven't noticed.

Mainly because when I was a senior in high school one of my teachers told me that the kids who slacked off and still got good grades had the hardest time in college.

Proved her wrong!

I feel awesome right now...

Watch, I probably completely bombed my other paper. I wrote it in two hours...

Oh, well. Three more days of classes, two finals, and one paper left of this semester and of my institutionalized education! Can't wait!
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