May. 21st, 2010

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My life is uninteresting.

Since finals ended I have seen Kick-Ass three times (I actually liked it better than the graphic novel. Go figure.), read a few books, and have done all my laundry but have not put it away.

Basically, I've done nothing of any importance.

It's been two weeks of doing nothing and it's been fantastic.

I also wrote a letter to a former friend of mine from high school. We haven't talked in over two years because I got mad at her and such.

It was one of those stupid things.

I haven't actually sent it to her though. I'm nervous about it. It'll open doors that I don't actually want them to be opened...

Anyway, my life is boring. I need to do interesting things.
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What the fuck?

Texas Schools Board Rewrites US History with Lessons Promoting God and Guns

Oh yeah. Let's completely re-write history to make the USA look better.

Let's completely fuck up the small, malleable minds of small children.

While we're censoring our history books and racially profiling people, let's just let white supremacists start teaching.

I want to vomit.

It's times like these that I truly hate my country.


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